Thursday, 11 October 2012

Tower Hamlets Council officer’s gravy train derailed

Two senior council officers are to pay back hundreds of pounds after claiming for first class train tickets to a conference just a two hour ride from their offices.

Childrens services director Isobel Cattermole and her deputy Anne Canning claimed £855 to attend a conference in Manchester in July, but are now having to repay the difference between the cost of the tickets and the cheapest available fare.

The climbdown follows sustained pressure from opposition figures, who claim the episode is symptomatic of the council’s attitude to the public purse.

“In instances where officers incur expenses in excess of the lowest available fare, they are duty bound to reimburse the council the outstanding balance”, a spokeswoman said. “This is exactly what has happened in the instance of the two officers cited.”

My comment: They should have been sacked for claiming more than they were allowed to in the first place not just asked to pay it back when caught.

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