Thursday, 11 October 2012

Chief Constable guilty of gross misconduct

A chief constable is likely to be sacked today after a disciplinary panel found he committed gross misconduct.

Sean Price has been suspended from his job as head of Cleveland Police since he was arrested as part of a corruption probe last year.

Mr Price was arrested along with his deputy chief constable, Derek Bonnard, in an early morning raid in August last year as part of corruption probe Operation Sacristy.

Mr Bonnard has since been released from police bail by Warwickshire Police, who are carrying out a criminal investigation into the allegations.

The corruption probe is investigating 'people with current or past associations' with the police Authority.

Five people - Mr Price, Mr Bonnard, Mr McLuckie, former force solicitor Caroline Llewellyn and an unnamed individual - have so far been arrested.

My comment: This is not going to do the reputation of the Police much good.

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