Thursday, 2 August 2012

Former North Yorkshire Police officer jailed for cancer lies

A FORMER police officer who lied about her daughter having cancer so she could take her to show jumping events has been jailed.

Rachel Hewitt, 39, who worked for North Yorkshire Police, claimed her teenage daughter was having chemotherapy for a tumour and had been critically ill in intensive care.

The force gave her compassionate leave, special shifts and colleagues even organised whip-rounds to buy the family gifts.

But her daughter was actually taking part in equestrian contests, which Hewitt, of South Elmsall in West Yorkshire, took her to "after telling a pack of lies", Hull Crown Court heard.

Jailing Hewitt for 18 months, the judge said she had shown an extreme breach of trust by spinning lie after lie for around two years before she was arrested last October.

My comment: Words fail me.

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