Thursday, 2 August 2012

Council removes advertising over story it didn't like

A local authority withdrew advertising from a weekly newspaper because it published a story the council didn't like.

Carmarthenshire county council pulled an advert after the South Wales Guardian carried an article earlier this month in which traders in Ammanford raised concerns about delays caused by a regeneration scheme.

The council's press manager said in an email to the council's marketing department: "Due to the continuing negative publicity by the Guardian... I do not think we should be placing adverts with them until this issue is resolved."

Stanistreet said: "It is wholly unacceptable for a local authority or any other public body to withdraw advertising from a newspaper as a reaction to what it sees as negative publicity about itself.

My comments: This is a well known tactic used by many councils, whilst they like it when local papers publish their spin they hate it when anything negative (usually the truth) about them is published.  More on this subject here.

Read the full story from the source Guardian

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