Saturday, 19 May 2012

Former Waveney District councillor's stun gun offence

Further to my earlier post Shamed Waveney district councillor quits Tories - but will stay on council

Andrew Draper has now been warned he could be jailed after admitting illegally possessing a stun gun.

Draper, 38, of Martin Close, Carlton Colville, pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon – an electrical incapacitation device – on November 4 when he appeared at Ipswich Crown Court yesterday.

Yesterday’s court appearance follows Draper’s arrest and guilty plea to drink-driving and assaulting a police officer last August and a further court appearance last November when he was ordered to pay £500 in fines and compensation after admitting sending an offensive email to a police officer.

Draper, who was a councillor for Worlingham, had sent the email to a Norfolk police sergeant after she told him that his complaint against Suffolk Constabulary over the manner of his arrest for drink-driving would not be upheld.

In the email, which was described in court as “abusive and threatening”, Draper accused the female sergeant of being fat, unattractive and open to corruption. Draper, a self-employed residential landlord, was fined £250 and ordered to pay £250 compensation to the officer.

My comment: Some people never learn do they?

Read the full story from the source EDP24

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