Thursday, 26 April 2012

Essex County Council expenses system had 'major flaws'

A report criticised the expenses system at Essex County Council when led by Lord Hanningfield, it has emerged.

An Audit Commission report, made public for the first time, expressed serious concerns about the system in 2009. It said there was a lack of control over corporate credit cards, gifts, hospitality and chauffeur-driven cars.

Lord Hanningfield was jailed over his parliamentary expenses last year. New rules are in place and the auditor said the council had improved.

The Audit Commission, which inspected the council in 2009, said there was no system to properly scrutinise or question expenses claims and that it was not always possible to establish if money had been spent appropriately and on council business.

The Conservative-controlled council also failed to promptly publish details of claims at the end of the financial year, which is required by law, the Audit Commission found.

My comment: He was jailed for his Parliamentary expenses so will he be jailed again for his Council expenses?

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