Monday, 26 March 2012

Ex-councillor denies child pornography charges

UPDATED 2nd April 2012: Below original post.

A former councillor had more than 18,000 extreme pornographic images on his computer when police, tipped off after his wife's alleged discovery of a magazine, raided his home, a court heard.

Art gallery owner Andrew Lamont, 53, who continued serving as a councillor in Norland ward after the raid, claimed the images showing bestiality and underage girls, were planted by his ex during their bitter divorce.

These are alleged to have included two images at level one, 34 at level two, 34 at level three, and 27 at level four - just one step away from the most serious possible.

Lamont has also denied nine counts of possessing extreme pornographic images - six involving animals and three involving serious injury.

My comment: We will have to wait and see what the outcome is.

Read the full story from the source Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle

UPDATED 2nd April 2012: Ex-councillor caught with indecent images of children is spared jail

AN EX-councillor caught downloading child porn walked free from court after a judge said he had ‘contributed’ to society.

Andrew Lamont, 53, copied 207 images of girls as young as eight to his computer, 27 of which were level four, the second most serious level.

Lamont, who served as a governor of St Anne’s Nursery School in North Kensington, also viewed thousands of extreme images involving animal porn stored on an Apple computer and hard disk drive, Isleworth Crown Court heard on Monday (April 2).

The former Conservative councillor for Norland ward, who is partially sighted, used software to magnify the pictures so he could look at them.

A jury of five women and seven men took six hours and 25 minutes to convict Lamont of four counts of downloading indecent images of children and four counts of possessing extreme pornography involving animals.

Sentencing Lamont to a six month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and fining him £20,000, Judge Andrew Johnson said: “Those who make photographs of children go to prison.

He was also ordered to pay £5,270 costs and must sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years.

My comment: Guilty but what a stupid comment from a judge "You have also contributed to society by being in employment and public service." The fact he was the Governor of  a Nursery School  didn't mitigate the offences it made them worse.

Read the full story from the source Fulham Chronicle

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