Saturday, 4 February 2012

Two Bury councillors arrested this week on suspicion of corruption

Former Tory council leader Bob Bibby, 69, is accused of accepting £10,000 in connection with a planning application for 200 homes and a warehouse at Bury Road and York Street in Radcliffe.

Cllr Bibby and his partner Cllr Jim Taylor were questioned after police raided their home in Bacup, Lancashire on Tuesday morning.

Cllr Bibby strenuously denies sending a text message that he says police allege shows he would accept a £10,000 payment for help with the application.

But Cllr Bibby told the MEN: "The police are insisting that I was bribed to get a planning application through. But anybody who understands the way the planning system works will know that no one person can influence a planning committee.

The 'inteligence-led' investigation launched in June 2011 resulted in police seizing computers and documents from Bury Town Hall and A business in Moston.

My comment: I for one don't accept Cllr Bibby's suggestion that no one person can influence a planning committee. They may not be able to guarantee the outcome but they can certainly influence the decision. Especially if they are a leader/former leader of the council.

Read the full story from the source Mancunian Matters

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