Thursday, 23 February 2012

Lying public service watchdogs

The quango [Care Quality Commission, CQC], which was established in 2009, is the official watchdog for health and social care services in England, including abortion clinics.

Yet in the three years since its creation, the CQC has faced sustained criticism over its performance.

Seven months into its existence, Baroness Young, the CQC’s chairman, resigned in December 2009 after Basildon Hospital in Essex was exposed for having filthy wards and a high death rate despite being rated as “good” by the regulator just a month before.

Cynthia Bower, the regulator’s chief executive, was appointed on a salary of £195,000 a year.

She ran West Midlands strategic health authority, which had oversight of Stafford hospital, where a long history of poor care caused hundreds of patients to die between 2005 and 2008.

In its annual report last year, the commission claimed it carried out 15,220 inspections and reviews in the year ending March 2011. It has now admitted that there were 7,368.

My comment: The above proves that the CQC, just like all the other pubic service watchdogs, lie to  government in their annual reports. The unanswered question is why the government allows public service watchdogs to lie to them, where is the scrutiny? Why no independent validation regarding the veracity of all public service watchdog reports?

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UPDATE 23rd February 2012: NHS watchdog chief Cynthia Bower resigns.

The head of the NHS regulator for England, who has been the subject of mounting criticism over the watchdog's failure to adequately police hospitals and care homes, has resigned.

My comment: Not before time. The government should now persuade all our public sector watchdogs and ombudsmen to resign because none of them are fit for purpose.

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