Saturday, 11 February 2012

Leeds City Council faces corporate manslaughter charges

A council could be facing corporate manslaughter charges over the death of a man who was killed by a lorry.

Leeds City Council are alleged to have ignored the complaints lodged after 16 separate incidents at the Bridgewater Place skyscraper in the city centre where Edward Slaney was crushed.

The inquest heard how the vehicle was blown off all four wheels on March 10 last year before colliding with Mr Slaney.

'There had been reports of strong winds round the base of this building since it was built in 2007,' he said. Daljit Singh, the council's deputy planning manager, told the hearing on Thursday that two wind assessment reports had been carried out before the building was sanctioned.

But the council's transport development manager Gillian Macloud said today that the council was yet to put anything in place to alleviate the problem of the skyscraper effectively becoming a wind tunnel during high force winds.

Mrs Williamson asked: 'How many deaths will it take before the council do something to prevent this ever happening again?'

She later concluded: 'I have listened very carefully to all of the evidence and feel an offence of corporate manslaughter may have been committed by one or more organisations.

'I am obliged to adjourn this inquest and pass on my concerns to the Crown Prosecution Service. This is not a step I have taken lightly.'

My comment: Typical of many councils, sitting on their hands for years instead of sorting the problem. I hope somebody is jailed rather than just a fine which the taxpayer will end up paying.

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