Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wirral Council: Heads are rolling at last

Further to my earlier post on Saturday 29th October 2011 Wirral Council admit guilt but why no sackings or resignations?

Recent news on Twitter suggests that a number of heads have now rolled following a full council meeting in which the report into the allegations was discussed.

UPDATE (1) TWO senior officers who were suspended after a Globe report into whistle-blowing allegations have this week left the employment of Wirral Council.

The six-month investigation led by independent consultant Anna Klonowski cost Wirral taxpayers £250,000.

An earlier preliminary report produced by the firm sent shockwaves through the council, which it revealed was in the grip of a "corrosive and insular" culture that had all-but overwhelmed the authority.

My comment: Not before time, read a summary of the problems within Wirral Council. I would like to know how the leader and many others have managed to survive.

Read the full story from the source Wirral Globe

UPDATE (2) I noticed one of the comments under the article sums up the problems in Wirral Council quite well.

Cheesy Peas says... 5:18pm Tue 10 Jan 12 "The tip of a massive iceberg..."

UPDATE (3) Special council meeting called as Wirral Council braced for another whistleblowers report. YES ANOTHER ONE!

Mr Field (MP) called in the SFO over concerns about the handling of a major contract for highways maintenance, after he was approached by the group of whistleblowers.

He said he had been “shocked” by issues within the authority and concerned that councillors had been “poorly served” by officers as well as worries there were poor procedures for dealing with whistleblowers.

Last September, district auditor Michael Thomas said he had “concerns” about the council securing “value for money”.

My comment: Looks like Wirral Council made a habit out of burying it's head in the sand. Will charges be brought against the people responsible or will those guilty be allowed to walk into the sunset with a big fat pay off for signing a compromise agreement like those involved in the other whistle blowing scandal?

Read the full story from the source Wirral News

To be updated as further news comes in.

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