Friday, 6 January 2012

Met Police cut staff but spend £10million on art, gardening and cleaning

More than £10 million has been spent by the Metropolitan Police on artwork, gardening and cleaning at a time when severe cutbacks are being made to their frontline services.

The Standard can reveal that the Met spent £7.3 million on cleaning London police stations last year alone and £3.221 million on gardening over the past three years.

An artist was commissioned to paint a portrait of former Met commissioner Ian Blair to hang in New Scotland Yard at a cost of £9,626. Two prints of the Queen were bought last year at a cost of £253.

Gardening costs included the maintenance and management of sports grounds, the maintenance of soft landscaped areas and mature trees and "external cleanliness to external structures". Nearly £4,000 was spent on one gardening project which related to the relocation of a memorial garden.

This spending on non-frontline services comes as thousands of London officers and police staff are being axed after funding cutbacks. The Met says it has done all it can to protect jobs and crucial police services. 

My comment: I thought the Police were supposed to use taxpayer's money to clean up the streets not their own offices. And nearly £10,000 for a portrait of Ian Blair, WTF, couldn't they have used a mugshot camera?

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