Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Gloucestershire policeman sacked for illegal computer use

A POLICEMAN was sacked after the constabulary held a major undercover operation into the illegal use of the Force Intelligence Computer, a tribunal heard.

Former police officer Robert Wheatman, 37, was dismissed from Gloucestershire Constabulary after an eight-month covert internal operation into breaches of the Data Protection Act on the Unity computer system, an employment tribunal at Bristol was told.

The tribunal yesterday heard that the former officer was "obsessed" with researching information held on the computer about neighbours, friends and family members. His home was searched and a scrapbook of newspaper cuttings relating the criminal activities was seized.

Mr Wheatman, of Longlevens, is claiming wrongful dismissal while the constabulary stresses that he accepted a formal police caution for 14 criminal offences involving numerous breaches of the Data Protection Act.


My comment: Would have been better to keep his head down because all this will do is re publicise his earlier wrongdoings.

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