Friday, 6 January 2012

Councils regularly mislead watchdog

Naughty pupils are being paid to truant as schools attempt to trick Ofsted inspectors into letting them pass, it has been claimed.

The range of underhand tactics allegedly being employed also includes weak teachers being told to stay off sick and schools bringing in experienced teachers from other establishments.

The claims were made on the Times Educational Supplement online forum after Ofsted confirmed there were 38 complaints about "a school's conduct or activities" during inspections carried out between April and November last year.

One post from a teacher on the forum describes how his last school "sent 2 coachloads of disruptive pupils to Alton Towers during the 2 days of Ofsted".

Another poster wrote about how they heard the most badly behaved children at their school had each been paid up to £100 not to attend while Ofsted was there.

Ofsted national director Sue Gregory said that schools only have two days' notice before their inspections so have little time to make changes.

My comment: How naive all our watchdogs are. Albeit not Ofsted a Local Government Ombudsman's investigator once told me that they have no reason to doubt whatever a council tells them. The above shows just how easy it is to pull the wool over a watchdogs eyes.

See number (13) of the Local Government Ombudsman's 15 pillars of injustice. The above tends to prove Ofsted also operate a similarly corrupt system. 

Read the full story from the source Sky News Read all articles about Watchdogs  or all articles about Ofsted on this blog. For more damning information about the Local Government Ombudsman either visit my LGO blog or this website.

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