Monday, 23 January 2012

Councillor suspended for securing an advantage for himself

UPDATED 21st June 2012: Councillor Pollard loses his appeal against the findings of the Standards Committee. Details below original post.

A councillor has been suspended after he persuaded the local authority to buy his lawnmower off him and then charged it more than £1,300 storage.

Matthew Pollard, vice chairman of Ellistown and Battleflat parish council, had taken the decision for it to buy his device for £850 at a meeting led by himself.

But Mr Pollard then refused to hand it over until the council, based in Leicestershire, paid him additional cash – at a rate of £1 a day – for storing it. By the end he had held the grass cutter "hostage" for more than three years and demanded £1,323 in compensation.

An investigation followed and Mr Pollard was eventually suspended after he was said to have secured an advantage for himself and brought the parish council into disrepute.

My comments: 'Secured an advantage for himself' I thought that's exactly why many become councillors.

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UPDATED 21st June 2012: Tribunal Decision published Download the full decision here (PDF).

Appellant: Councillor Matthew Pollard of Ellistown and Battleflat Parish Council

Respondent: North West Leicestershire District Council Standards Committee

Date of hearing: 1 June 2012

Subject matter: Appeal by a member of a local authority against a Standards Committee decision


The appeal has been refused, the decision of the Standards Committee has been upheld and the sanction varied.

My comment: What a wast of time and money trying to appeal against something indefensible. 

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  1. It is a shame that a 6 month suspension was the maximum they could impose. He should have been disqualified!