Thursday, 8 December 2011

Watchdogs: A system that is rotten to the core

The seriousness of this scandal cannot be overstated, for what we are witnessing is the systematic betrayal, not only of successive generations of children, but also of universities and employers who can now have little faith in the credibility of their qualifications.

From exam boards to the watchdogs who are meant to guard standards, the modern taxpayer-funded education system has been exposed as rotten to the core.

This crisis over exams has come about entirely because of politics and people in the sector acting for commercial gain. During Labour’s 13 years of rule, there was insidious collusion between the exam boards and government to mislead the public into thinking that standards were on the rise.

My comment: Over the last few years all Public Service Watchdogs, Ombudsmen and Commissions have manipulated the truth rather than improve standards within the bodies they are supposed to be watching. 

It is now practically impossible to identify a Public Sector Watchdog, Ombudsman or Commission that is now fit for purpose. All they do is mislead the public with manipulated reports to help the Government and the bodies they are supposed to be watching bury the truth . 

Essentially Public Sector Watchdog, Ombudsman or Commission have now become part of the problem not part of the solution.

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