Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Exclusive: Durham County Council waste money on waste bins

I have just been emailed the following shocking story by an anonymous whistle-blower.

Apparently not long ago Durham County Council sent out tenders for around 250,000 two-wheeled bins. The responses they received included some from UK companies.

However, Durham County Council allegedly awarded the contract to a German company who were much more expensive than one of the UK companies.

The bins will be produced in Germany or France and then shipped to Durham for local  distribution.

It appears to be absolute madness that when we are trying to save taxpayer's money and save UK jobs that Durham County Council are spending an extra quarter of a million pounds with a foreign company for bins that could be produced cheaper in the UK.

In addition, how can Durham County Council justify this when they are trying to save £125 million by cutting services, thousands of council jobs and closing leisure centres, community centres and museums?

Furthermore, if Durham County Council sought the advice of consultants about which bins to buy the total additional costs will be much higher than £250,000.

If Durham County Council contact me I will gladly publish their side of this shocking story.

Is time running out for Durham County Council's wasteful ways?

UPDATE 24th November 2011: I have just  started to investigate, often when councils contract abroad a number of staff and/or members also get a mini holiday on the taxpayer or the company.

PS: If you have any information concerning BINGATE please let me know.

UPDATE 26th January 2011: Durham County Council will review its procedures following an outcry over its decision to pay a German firm £4.2m for new bins.

Lib Demcouncillor Mark Wilkes has now said the authority will look again at its procurement practices and the involvement of councillors in the process after he called for action.

“Following the issues about the bin contract, I checked back at the review of what information and access councillors should be getting in relation to contracts and tendering at county hall and discovered that many of the recommendations from two years ago had simply never been carried through,” he wrote in his on line blog.

My comment: What an indictment of the council. Councillors not being given the information necessary to reach a sound decision. 

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