Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Do we want Lords, MPs and Councillors with a criminal record?

There are many examples of Lords, MPs and Councillors holding onto their jobs after they have been convicted of a criminal offence.

Whilst those with any remaining integrity resign immediately there is no law forcing them to do so and it is that loophole which those without integrity exploit.

Do we want criminals to hold office in the Lords, Parliament, Government and Local Authorities? I for one don't want a criminal involved with any governing body which is responsible for setting the laws and bye laws of this country.

It's ludicrous that a Lord, MP or Councillor who has been convicted of fraud, assault,  grooming a child or even worse can not only hold onto their taxpayer funded job but be involved in passing the laws and setting the rules for the rest of society.

It's also ludicrous that they can use their taxpayer funded expenses and attendance allowances to both fund their defence and where fraud was involved use taxpayers money to repay what they defrauded out of them in the first place.

However, whilst those who hang onto their jobs are to be detested what I detest more is those Lords, MPs and Councillors who may have done no wrong but refuse to change the system and plug this stupid loopehole.

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