Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cambridgeshire Councillors, Snouts, Troughs and Censorship

Council censors 'snout' and 'trough' references from online debate after payrise.

A council removed all references to “snouts” and “troughs” from an online debate after councillors approved a 25% pay rise and voters accused them of greed.

When councillors awarded themselves the large increase, a new string of comments appeared and they were repeatedly accused of acting like “pigs to the trough”. But the authority decided it did not like the phrase and removed all uses of it from the debate and were then accused of censorship.

My comment: Greedy councillors putting their snouts in the public cash trough and then censoring public debate about them doing so. Just how corrupt can a councillors get?

Read the full story from the source The Telegraph

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