Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Another Watchdog, another whitewash, another failure

Watchdog probe into £32k expenses row is branded ‘whitewash'.

SPENDING watchdogs have been accused of a “whitewash” after praising changes made by a transport body that handed out £32,000 in expenses which could not be accounted for.

The Strathclyde Passenger Transport quango has been let off after deciding not to pursue two former employees who racked up £1,500 in expenses judged “personal and excessive” from a trip to Manchester on the day Rangers played in the Uefa Cup final.

The Accounts Commission last year found “serious deficiencies” in SPT’s handling of expenses and branded the taxpayer-funded junket to Manchester an “unacceptable use of public money”.

But now it says SPT has made “significant progress” in handling expenses claims and has taken concerns over the use of public money “seriously” by making improvements to its internal procedures.

My comment: Why do Watchdogs and Ombudsmen always suck up to the bodies they are supposed to be investigating? 

They aren't critiquing  an X factor contestant where the bad has to be tempered with the good so as not to upset the contestant too much.They're investigating fraud and wrongdoing perpetrated on the taxpayer for goodness sake. 

In any event how do future improvements mitigate past wrongs? 

Only in the wonderful world of public sector Watchdogs and Ombudsmen do to you get such a stupid approach to justice.

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