Sunday, 9 October 2011

Worcestershire County Council: A tragic death because they ignored a whistle-blower and failed to protect a vulnerable child!

Teacher reveals she warned Kidderminster school about Dana Baker abuse.

A TRAINEE teacher, who was told to “back off” after she discovered a pupil was being abused, last night said the tragic teenager might still have been alive today if she had been helped.

Desperate Dana Baker summoned up the courage to confide in teacher Vicki Shakespeare about her abusive relationship with a paedophile karate instructor from Birmingham.

But when the 35-year-old English tutor tried to sound the alarm so that the underage Kidderminster schoolgirl could get help, she was rebuffed by the authorities – and Dana was later found hanged.

Vicki told the Sunday Mercury how she was horrified when Dana opened up to her about the nightmare love affair with predatory paedophile Jaspal Riat, from Handsworth.

She claims she immediately informed a child protection officer at Wolverley CE Secondary School, only to be told: “I already know about it. You are not the first to tell me. I’ve heard it all before. She is telling everyone. You are too involved. You need to back off. She is an attention-seeker.”

Speaking for the first time after the two-week trial, which found Riat, 48, guilty of the abuse, key witness Vicki said: “I was asked in court if I was happy with the way the school had handled Dana’s situation.

“I said ‘no’ then, and I stand by that now.

A Worcestershire County Council spokeswoman said: “A Serious Case Review following Dana Baker’s death is ongoing, to which Wolverley CE Secondary School has contributed.

“Unfortunately, we cannot comment in any detail on individual cases but we can confirm that the school followed all of the appropriate pastoral care and safeguarding procedures.

My comment: Yet another council ignoring a whistle-blower and a vulnerable child and yet another council investigating itself. Just what does it take to bring the people who ignored the whistle-blower and the child to book?  

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Sex case karate instructor jailed for 8 years. A 48-year-old karate instructor who seduced a “vulnerable” 13-year-old Wyre Forest girl pupil and had regular sex with her was jailed for eight years today.

 Jaspal Riat's “despicable” behaviour towards Stourport High School and Sixth Form Centre student Dana Baker drove her to attempt suicide and she did kill herself when she was 16, Gloucester Crown Court heard.

My comment: School, council and social service all failing to protect  a vulnerable child?

Here is a clue to why Worcester County Council may have thought the Karate Instructor's actions were acceptable.  

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