Saturday, 29 October 2011

Wirral Council admit guilt but why no sackings or resignations?

Wirral Council: Corporate Governance Cabinet Committee - 26/10/11 

7.1 A vulnerable group of people with learning disabilities in the care of Wirral Council was abused by this Council over many years. It is imperative that the Council addresses all the weaknesses that contributed to this unacceptable outcome.

My comment: A vulnerable group of people with learning difficulties could only have been abused by Wirral council if their senior management and members were not fit for purpose. So it's ludicrous for those very people to now suggest it is imperative for them to address their weaknesses. Good management would have either ensured the problem didn't arise in the first place or failing that put a stop to it at soon as it was brought to their attention.

Neither would good management  have sacked the whistle blower and sat their arses for years compounding the injustice they would have sacked the perpetrators and thanked the whistleblowere as soon as it was brought to their attention.

What is needed to bring confidence back to the residents of the Wirral is a root and branch clear out of all cabinet members, all senior management and all those guilty of perpetrating the offence.  

If that doesn't happen I suggest the good people of the Wirral vote every cabinet members out at the earliest opportunity. 

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  1. Summary Link to the history of this, revealing £500,000 taken from tenants of 3 care homes, despite brave actions of whistleblower, who was forced out of his job. The council ignored him and attempted to conceal it all (for 7 years) with proven financial abuse referred to as "special charging policy", a Kafkaesque compromise agreement and £45,000:

  2. Here is some of the background to Martin Morton's compromise agreement, issued by Wirral Council in an attempt to conceal proven disabled abuse: