Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Is one Watchdog starting to show a little backbone?

BBC Scotland

The Scottish public services ombudsman has strongly criticised local authorities and housing associations for their handling of complaints.

Jim Martin said complaints systems were often cumbersome and bureaucratic.

Of the complaints investigated by the ombudsman’s office in 2010-11, a total of of 34% were upheld either fully or partly.

Mr Martin said: “To put this another way, in over a third of cases that had already been investigated by the local service provider through multiple, often lengthy stages of review and appeal, that provider had got something wrong.”

Press Association

Ombudsman Jim Martin complained there was a “lack of customer focus in public services”.

He made the accusation in his annual report as he called on public-sector organisations to try to meet a “gold standard”.

However, he said: “In too many cases, particularly in local authorities and housing associations, complaints systems are confusing, difficult to access, slow, cumbersome and overly bureaucratic.”

Local Government Ombudsman Watcher

The Scottish Public Service Ombudsman has wrong footed the Local Government Ombudsman by criticising complaints systems, something the Local Government has never done.

Worse still, the system he criticises is the system adopted by the Local Government Ombudsman, 'confusing, difficult to access, slow, cumbersome and overly bureaucratic'.

Malice In Blunderland

Good job he [Scottish Public Service Ombudsman] knows nothing about the Pigs Ear situation we have to tolerate here in Wales is all I can say.

And that includes the LGO. Lots of people no longer bother to use the LGO even with very serious complaints as we now realise its a pointless waste of time and energy. As a result things do not improve.Underneath everything is in a mess.Everyone just carries on regardless knowing that they can.

I think a while back the WLGO was bragging about how complaints had  dropped.We know why. Jump through hoops and if you are lucky to be chosen only 'recommendations' can be made which are 'ignored'.

Bottom line is that many do not have anywhere they can take their complaints to that take them seriously. Insult is added to injury as well as injustice.

Here is a reminder again of a dreadful situation involving RCTCBC that is still ongoing and unresolved as it is being 'ignored' .I think this case sums it all up. The system is a joke. On us.

My comment: It's about time all our useless watchdogs stopped supporting the bodies they are supposed to be watching and started to do the job they are paid to do. If they did maybe we wouldn't have the Wirral Council type scandals, the Baby P type scandals, the Winterbourne type scandals, the North Staffordshire NHS type scandals and many, many more.

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