Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cabal controlled Councils?: Your suggestions

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"What does it take to create a council cabal? Leader + CEO + others that will play by THEIR rules + a large proportion of weak councillors."

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"Examples of Councils controlled by cabal? Now or in recent past, Wirral, Suffolk, South Tyneside, Carmarthenshire, Barnet, your suggestions."

AliceBlundrland Alice in Blunderland @publicwatcher You can add Rhondda Cynon Taf to the list and I expect Caebrwyn will have something to say on the subject as well.

TimMinogue Tim Minogue @publicwatcher Sunderland, Kent, H&F, Cotswold, Pembrokeshire ... cabinet system makes it almost inevitable.

NCCLols Andy @publicwatcher I would suggest Nottingham is in that group.

InsideCroydon Inside Croydon  @publicwatcher: Examples of Councils controlled by cabal? @TimMinogue Try #Croydon

cwaccwatcher CWaC Council Watcher @publicwatcher "Examples of Councils controlled by a cabal?" I think Cheshire West and Chester Council should be included.

caebrwyn Jacqui Thompson @publicwatcher #carmarthenshire council is moving beyond 'cabal' and entering the 'junta' stage...

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  1. Tim Minogue right to point finger at the cabinet system. Textbook example in Carmarthenshire.

  2. I'm with @caebrwyn Carmarthenshire CC has gone beyond cabal