Saturday, 1 October 2011

Birmingham social services still letting down vulnerable children

THE troubleshooter hired to sort out Birmingham children’s social services has admitted that vulnerable youngsters are still being let down.

Eleanor Brazil said extensive management changes at the city council department and new methods of working were starting to make a difference.

But the performance of social workers remains inconsistent and not all children at risk of sexual or physical abuse are receiving adequate help, she added.

Mrs Brazil won national praise for transforming Haringey social services following the scandal over the death of 17-month-old Peter Connolly after social workers failed to spot that he was being abused by his mother’s boyfriend.

She was appointed last year as Birmingham’s Interim Children’s Director.

My comment: Why pay someone to go round and sort the council out after the event? Proactive and effective watchdogs should have stopped it happening in the first place. Just what is the point of watchdogs if all they do is watch! Get rid of all of them and replace them with bodies that can do a proper job.

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