Thursday, 15 September 2011

Whistleblower says Wirral council ordered care packages delay

Wirral Council's policy on organising care packages advised social workers to wait four weeks unless their line managers issued a waiver, according to Andy Campbell, who was employed by the authority as an assistant support officer in its adult social services department between August 2009 and August 2011.

When Campbell joined the council as a support worker in August 2009, he had little knowledge of adult social care. He was given one week's training before being asked to assess people's eligibility for care packages, he said.

When he first questioned the apparent policy on delaying care packages, he was told the orders came "from above". Colleagues advised him not to talk about it.

Ed Mitchell, legal columnist for Community Care and editor of Social Care Law Today, said: "The courts will afford a council a reasonable period of time to put a care service in place as they recognise that services cannot be conjured up out of thin air. But a policy of not even beginning the process of securing services until a set period of time has elapsed cannot be considered lawful." 

My comment: This isn't the first time a whistleblower has exposed the truth about the goings on in Wirral Council. The last time they were forced to apologise and offer the whistleblower his job back.. more here. Plus they are one of the top councils having to pay bed blocking fines.. more here. Looks like Wirral Council don't give a fig about care for the vulnerable... more here.

The question is when will someone connect the dots and sort out Wirral Council? 

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UPDATE 16th September 2011: Wirral Council leader warns senior officers will be 'held to account' over cash cut advice.

WIRRAL Council's leader has warned the town hall's most senior officers they will be held to account for their advice over massive cash cuts.

My comment: Didn't take the leader long to start arse covering and blaming officers for doing something HIS scrutiny committees should have ensured couldn't and didn't happen. Typical reaction when the sh*t hits the fan, blame someone else! Another not fit for purpose councillor.

Whilst it is rumoured that officers control Wirral Council with an iron grip, one must still blame councillors, especially the leader for allowing it to happen. However, Wirral Council is not alone in letting the unelected tail wag the elected dog, it appears to be a growing trend across the country.

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  1. Its not a rumour about the iron fist of Wirral , check this blog...