Tuesday, 20 September 2011

This sums up all Watchdogs not just the CQC

Care watchdog chiefs ‘will not resign’, despite new criticism

The leaders of England’s care watchdog say they have not considered resigning, despite facing heavy criticism from MPs over their organisation’s performance.

Members of the Commons health committee published a damning report this week, criticising the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for its “distortion of priorities”.

My comment: All watchdogs in this country have distorted priorities, they prefer to ignore or bury complaints about the organisations they are supposed to be watching and ignore any complaints about their own organisation rather than do the job they are paid to do. 

However, you can't blame them because the Government, in their wisdom :), decided to make them virtually unaccountable. 

Note how difficult it is to get rid of one of them if they refuse to resign. If you know of any watchdog that has ever been sacked please let me know. 

The Government shouldn't have to wait for an incompetent watchdog to resign, they should have the power to sack them without any compensation for loss of office.

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