Monday, 12 September 2011

Man hurt as Flintshire council bickers over uncovered manholes

A MAN left in agony after falling down a manhole is stunned the problem took so long to fix.

But the manholes remained uncovered for more than three months because of a dispute over who owns the land.

Daniel Woolley, 35, suffered a broken wrist after falling down the hole in an alleyway which runs parallel to Chester Road West in June.

“What if a child had fallen down it? They could have suffered a very serious injury.”

Members of Shotton Town Council said maintenance of the manholes was the responsibility of Flintshire Council. But council bosses said it is down to Shotton Town Council to replace the covers, which are believed to have been stolen in May.

Shotton West councillor Ann Minshull said: “It is ridiculous the amount of time they have been gone.

Cllr Dave Evans said: “I’m getting really frustrated with this. We don’t want to be speaking about this for 20 years to come still wondering who owns the land.

“Flintshire Council is fobbing us off and we shouldn’t accept that.”

Clerk Susan Cartwright said the town council had a map which proved the land belonged to Flintshire Council and decided to send it to the authority.

A spokesman for Flintshire Council said it had now received legal confirmation that its housing department was the owner.

My comment: Someone could have been killed and for months all Flintshire Council was worried about is whether they were responsible! What a bunch of incompetent idiots.

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  1. One of them should have replaced the manhole covers and argued about the cost afterwards. It wasn't as if one of them was going to run off. Typical small mindededness.