Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Liverpool Council 'bans' all staff from speaking to Liverpool dailies

Liverpool City Council has been labelled “barking mad” after it took the controversial decision of apparently banning council staff, including press officers, from speaking to the city’s two biggest newspapers.

The directive came from chief executive Ged Fitzgerald and Labour council leader Joe Anderson, who has also reportedly banned his Labour councillors from speaking with the Liverpool Echo and the Liverppol Daily Post.

The council insisted it was trying to build an “open and transparent” organisation but said stories designed to “bring down the reputation of the city and the council are not accepted and need to be challenged”.

A council spokesperson told Press Gazette that it had “withdrawn cooperation” and is no longer “working proactively” with either paper, but would still handle enquiries from journalists and give statements where necessary.

Keaveney [The leader of council’s opposition Liberal Democrat group] said it also runs counter to the principles of “democracy, Freedom of Information and openness”.

My comment: Typical council, they want local press to print their spin but don't like it when they print anything negative, what most people would call the truth!

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