Friday, 30 September 2011

Councils spend £1.2m taxpayer's cash on award events

Councils are spending more than £1.2 million a year on awards ceremonies, it has been revealed.

The bill for events such as Loo of the Year and the British Parking Awards was disclosed in figures assembled by campaign group the TaxPayers' Alliance.

Glasgow City Council was the biggest spender on tickets, accommodation, travel and catering in 2010-11, with a total layout of £83,000.

The total bill across the UK is likely to be higher than £1.2 million as many councils responded to freedom of information requests by saying they could not provide data.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "Awards ceremonies help to recognise and share good practice in the public sector, and they present excellent opportunities to heighten the city's profile.

My comment: I wonder if Glasgow held an award event for spending the most on award events?  I also wonder if they got an award for the most staff suspended for defrauding a council.

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UPDATED  30/09/11: Taxpayer's Allience pinhead of the year award

"Meanwhile, the TPA’s inaugural Pinhead of the Month is Gordon Matheson, the leader of Glasgow City Council, on the back of the new TPA research released today which reveals that in the last year his council spent almost £83,000 on hosting and attending awards ceremonies – more than any other council in the United Kingdom. So now Cllr Matheson has an award of his own. We hope that he will reflect on the fact that many councils now recognise that using taxpayers’ money to organise or attend costly awards ceremonies is unjustifiable and that if he wants to put on these kinds of events, then he should seek private sponsorship to minimise the cost to the public purse."

My comment: Councillors love a good jolly at the taxpayer's expense. 

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