Wednesday, 14 September 2011

'Box-ticking care home watchdog put elderly at risk'

The elderly are being put at risk because the Government’s watchdog is too busy ‘box-ticking’ to inspect care homes, MPs warn today.

They accuse the Care Quality Commission of putting form-filling ahead of ensuring vulnerable residents are safe.

One of its jobs is to register every care home, hospital, GP surgery and dentist in England and Wales and in doing so make sure each meets safety standards.

In a scathing report, the health select committee said there was a significant distortion of priorities at the commission, which meant it was too busy compiling this register to inspect more care homes.

My comment: The CQC are not the only watchdogs who prefer spin and form filling instead of fulfilling their basic function.

A comment by a reader of the original article just about sums them up.  

"I have been in healthcare for 35 years and have never experienced anything like the CQC. Everybody knows bureaucracies can be remote and inefficient , but the CQC brings this to a whole new level. Until one actually deals with them it would be difficult to imagine anything so bizarre and useless. They threaten legal action, sing their praises in PR emails, fiddle while Rome burns, and they do it with no insight. I feel contempt for the CQC as someone they a supposed to regulate. I feel extremely sorry for anyone they supposed to protect.  Direct experience, Bristol, 14/9/2011 12:37 "

My comment to the above:  I could say the same about the Local Government Ombudsman. Until one deals with them it is difficult to imagine anything so bizarre and useless. Fiddling their statistics whilst Rome burns councils get away with murder. I also feel contempt for the LGO and feel extremely sorry for anyone they are supposed to protect.

Others say the same about the Parliamentary and Heath Service Ombudsman. So it must be a watchdog thing.  

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