Friday, 12 August 2011

Winchester City councillor Ian Tait fined for obstructing police officer

A HAMPSHIRE councillor who waded in while police were trying to arrest a suspect ended up being arrested himself.

Two officers were carrying out a drugs search on a suspect and had him pinned to the ground when they were approached by Councillor Ian Tait.

Tait admitted a charge of obstructing a police officer. Magistrates ordered Tait to pay a fine of £175.

Tait, who mitigated for himself, said he had been drinking having had four beers and three whiskeys, but did not believe in his mind that he was drunk.

My comment: He should have accepted he was drunk because if he wasn't, as he believed, the only excuse left was that he's an idiot. 

Read the full story from the source The Daily Echo

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