Thursday, 4 August 2011

Watford Borough Council spends £100,000 on how to save money

Cost-cutting Watford Borough Council has paid a consultant more than £100,000 – to tell it how to save money.

The council confirmed this afternoon that it has been employing a consultant from the company since July 2010 to “deliver further efficiency savings.” The contract, which runs until September 30 this year, will cost taxpayers a total of £97,875 plus VAT.

My comment: I can't beat a comment from a reader of the Observer article -  "Surely the council can find savings itself without paying a consultant £100k to do it for them. If not, then the best way to make savings would be to make all the decision makers at the council redundant since they are unable to do their jobs and need to pay a consultant to do it for them.”

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  1. Only £100k. Barnet Council have spent millions on not saving money. Its called One Barnet