Sunday, 21 August 2011

Rossendale council scrap universal doorstep rubbish collections

Doorstep rubbish collections have been scrapped in Britain for the first time since they were introduced more than 130 years ago.

Rossendale council in Lancashire has stopped the service for hundreds of residents in rural areas who now have to drive or carry their rubbish down narrow country lanes to "collection points" up to a mile away from their homes.

Campaigners accused the council of using the tough economic climate as "an excuse to cut a basic service offered by any civilised society".

The council has stopped collecting rubbish from nearly 700 rural households. Instead they have to take their refuse to 100 "collection points", some as far as a mile from their home.

The measure will save the council £92,000 by scrapping two small bin lorries which can cope with the narrow roads.

My comment: The thin end of the wedge? I was under the impression that councils had a statutory duty to, no matter of infrequent, to collect rubbish from your house. I hope the people involved are going to fight for a council tax reduction.

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UPDATED 22nd August 2011:  It has been brought to my attention from the comment below that an online petition to oppose the cuts has been started. Be aware that if they get away with it in Rossendale your council may be next to cut collections!

Nature of this Petition:

We the undersigned oppose the cuts in doorstep bin collections at farm, rural, outlying and hard to reach properties, resulting from the Special Meeting of the Council Cabinet on 26th January 2011, because of the negative disruption, cost and littering it causes to residents and all affected neighbours.

We call upon the Council to:

Reverse its decision to end doorstep bin collections. Also to continue doorstep bin collections at these properties, until and unless there has been fair, fully costed and wide ranging consultations with all residents who could be directly and indirectly affected.

Use the link above or click here to sign


  1. Residents are fighting the council on this and have also reported Rossendale Council to the Local Government Ombudsman because they believe the lack of consultation with residents could be illegal.

    Online petition to oppose the cuts at

  2. Good luck with the discredited Local Government Ombudsman

  3. On 28th Sept 2011, Rosendale Council voted unanimously to overturn the cuts and will now continue with doorstep collections at all 668 affected rural properties. It will also introduce recycling for these properties. Following concerted resident opposition and a great deal of interest from local and national press and TV the council has seen sense and made the right decision - treat all residents the same and empty their bins!
    You can see some of the press and TV articles on the link below...