Sunday, 7 August 2011

Quangos and Councils taking taxpayers for a ride

QUANGOS and councils have splashed out over £220million in 12 months on leasing and buying new cars for bosses and staff, including luxury Porsches, Jaguars and BMWs.

In the 12 months to March this year more than £184million was spent on new cars while a further £35million was paid out on hiring further motors.

The list of new luxury vehicles being snapped up includes 66 Alfa Romeos and 17 upmarket Audi TTs. Quangos and councils went to town on car hire, with more than 600 BMWs, 500 Audi A3s, gas-guzzling Chrysler Jeeps and more than 500 sporty BMW Mini Coopers.

A Lotus Elise was also leased, a Porsche Boxster, a Porsche Cayman, more than 100 Mercedes Benz and 17 Jaguars and 30 Land Rovers.

The highest car bill came from Sunderland City Council which spent more than £800,000.

My comment: Fat Cats - Jaguars very appropriate if somewhat expensive for the taxpayer to fund but a Porsche Boxster and 600 BMWs WTF!

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