Saturday, 6 August 2011

Northamptonshire County Council turns off street lights whilst County Hall remains floodlit

LIGHTING experts have criticised Northamptonshire County Council for the way the authority has handled the county’s street light switch-off programme and for leaving its own headquarters floodlit.

Dim Councillors need plenty of light
The council is currently implementing a project to switch off 33,000 street lights across the county to save £2 million a year.

But opposition politicians have criticised the council for leaving County Hall in Northampton town centre illuminated while street lights across the county are being switched off.

My Comment: The only reason I can think of is because County Hall is full or dim councillors. Pun intended! 

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  1. Could be 'health and safety' reasons - council employees and members might bump into the building and cause themselves a nasty accident if its not lit up like a xmas tree?