Friday, 19 August 2011

MOD paying consultants £4,000 a day to tell them how to save money

PEN pushers at the Ministry of Defence are using consultants earning £4,000 a day to advise them on how to save taxpayers’ money.

The eight consultants are also set to get a 30 per cent success fee, pushing up their pay to more than £5,000 a day each.

Details of the consultancy contract were disclosed after a Freedom of Information request by website

Peter Smith, founder of spendmatters, said that the MoD had handed out “top of the market rates”.

My comment: I have a revolutionary money saving idea for the MOD, sack the managers who need help identifying where they can save money. Part of the everyday job of senior managers should be identifying were the organisation can save money. If they can't do it sack them, don't fork out for others to help them do their job!

Here are a few more free suggestions for the MOD.

Control your credit card spending £1 Billion 

Keep track of your assets £6.5 Billion worth of assets lost

Stop wasting money entertaining elected representatives £50 Million wasted 

Stop buying duff equipment £1.5 Million wasted 

Don't pay £22 for 65p lightbulbs £21.35 per light bulb wasted

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