Thursday, 4 August 2011

Manchester City Council #youcouldntmakeitup

Town hall chiefs must pay out thousands of pounds following their ‘deplorable’ violation of a disabled man’s human rights.

Manchester council will have to pay ‘the lion’s share’ of six-figure court costs after a judge blasted the authority for ‘lamentable, deplorable, grave and serious’ failings in the case of the 22-year-old.

The court heard the council had separated him from his foster mum – ‘the only mother he had known.’ The council yesterday lost an appeal in London against the costs order and has been left to pay both the substantial original bill and the cost of its appeal.

The council was found to have breached both E's legal right to liberty and to respect for family life in a damning ruling issued by High Court judge Mr Justice Baker last year.

My comment: After such a damning judgement Manchester Council thought fit to waste even more taxpayer's money on an appeal? Someone should lose their job over this.

Read the full story from the source Manchester Evening News

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