Tuesday, 2 August 2011

DWP staff spend a fortune of taxpayers' money on food and drink

In a single year Department for Work and Pensions staff gorged themselves on more than £175,000 worth of food and drink that was funded by taxpayers.

About £124,000 went on buffets, sandwiches, snacks and Christmas hampers.

Tens of thousands more was spent on slap-up restaurant meals and groceries.

Taxpayers also picked up the bill at luxury hotels, pubs, a racecourse, Everton Football Club and a shop selling snuff.

The spending sprees were unearthed by a Mirror investigation into the use of Government procurement cards, which officials use to pay for business expenses, often with few checks.

The DWP insists that the cards have always been monitored “very closely and all usage is subject to rigorous financial control” but it admitted that checks were stepped up in October.

My comment: Just how could you excuse some of these purchases? 

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