Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Croydon Council offer to supply staff for private event at taxpayer's expense

DrupalCon 2011 will be staged in… Croydon.

What's Drupal?  "The simple answer is that it's a great CMS (Content Management System), social networking application, forum, and blogging tool - the more complete answer is that Drupal is a framework for quickly and reliably building all kinds of powerful web applications." Drupal helps other Open Source projects build their communities

"Steven George has been described in press reports as the “event organiser”. He has said publicly: “Drupal is already taking Europe by storm and with an action-packed agenda of high-profile speakers and thousands of attendees from across the globe, Fairfield Halls was the ideal location to host what we hope will be the best DrupalCon event to date.

Steven George is the husband of Clare Hilley, a Conservative councillor for Waddon ward in Croydon.

The Fairfield Halls in Croydon is not owned by the council, yet earlier this year, it received a £1.5 million grant from the council, at the same time that Croydon’s CEO, Jon Rouse, was a director of the company that manages the venue, Fairfield (Croydon) Ltd.

The event’s own website claims that the conference has sold out its registrations, 1,800 delegates each paying at least £250. At that rate, that’s nearly £500,000 in ticket sales alone for the organisers.

On Monday, the Croydon Council intranet carried a message appealing for a dozen council employees to “volunteer” as “steward ambassadors”, “to provide maximum reassurance to these international visitors”. The message further stated that: “Jon Rouse has agreed that time off will be granted in lieu for anyone who takes part…”

My comment: Why is Croydon Council using taxpayer's money to effectively pick up the wages bill for 12 steward ambassadors to help a private company host a private  event? I hope the Taxpayer's Alliance are all over this.

Read the full story from the source Inside Croydon and make your own mind up.

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