Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bolsover Council's money grabbing councillors

In North East Derbyshire Council, councillors are paid a basic allowance of £5,010 per annum, however in neighbouring Bolsover councillors are paid £10,047 – more than twice as much.

Both sets of councillors have the same responsibilities, and as a result, the Independent Remuneration Panel (IRP) in Bolsover has recommended the basic allowance should be cut to £5,354. They haven’t plucked this figure out of the air either. This figure is the average paid to councillors across similar authorities.

Unfortunately, the IRP can only make recommendations. It cannot enforce its will on councillors, who ultimately decide their own pay and perks. It will therefore not surprise you to learn that the turkeys have chosen not to vote for Christmas.

My comment: The fact that Councillors have the power to set their own  pay and perks is ludicrous. I hope the Bolsover electorate remember this come election time and vote out the money grabbers.

Read the full story from the source Taxpayer's Alliance 

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