Thursday, 18 August 2011

Birmingham City Council awarded PwC £250k contract without tendering

An inquiry is under way after Birmingham City Council broke its own rules by failing to put a £254,000 contract with financial consultants PricewaterhouseCoopers out to tender.

Council chief executive Stephen Hughes has ordered a disciplinary investigation into the conduct of senior city officials who approved a deal with PwC to deliver a programme of behavioural change workshops with 100 local authority managers.

He admitted officers did not follow proper procedures because they were “working to an extremely tight timescale” to get the contract signed.

My comment: Same old excuses when they get caught out.

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  1. And our well blogged Barnet Council awarded an external audit contract to PWC even though they were the most expensive bidder on the dubious grounds of better quality. All applicants were firms of qualified accountants so very likely to be similar quality. Barnet Council just love throwing money around - mine mostly.