Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Angus Council’s ‘manipulated survey'

Multiple responses submitted from a very few single sources were revealed under Freedom of Information and proved that the ‘survey’ had been fraudulently manipulated.

Some 1,033 hits came from one solitary computer in this ‘consultation’ ‘survey’ on the merger of Muirfield and Timmergreens in a new school.

In the series of comments from this source, the back-slapping for Angus Council’s Convenor of Education, Councillor Peter Nield and his partner-in-crime – Councillor David Fairweather – became more and more apparent.

Hit after hit after hit – all singing the praises for Nield and Fairweather.

Oddly, the phantom typer originally picked a farm site at Arbirlot Road West as the preferred option for the new school, enthusiastically submitting close on 600 votes for that site.

The fact that councillor Nield had sent an e-mail to Angus Council Senior Education officer Craig Clement during the consultation proclaiming the desire to offer a ‘land swap’ between Muirfield and the farm at Arbirlot Road West, cannot, of course, be other than co-incidental.

My comment: Sounds more than a bit iffy to me, but they are not the only public authority or quango that manipulates surveys. 

One example I am aware of is the quango know as the Local Government Ombudsman. They have been manipulating their customer satisfaction surveys for years. Whilst the method used differs from the above, it's a common tactic in the world of surveys. 

All you need to do is select the 'right' people to survey (those who will respond favourably) and exclude the 'wrong' people (those you think may not give you the results you want). What you end up with is a survey which gives you much more favourable results. 

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