Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Whistleblowing to CQC hits record high

The Care Quality Commission has seeing a record rise in whistleblowing calls, but there are mounting fears that it lacks the “teeth” and resources to properly investigate nurses’ concerns.

In May, the regulator stated in board papers that a shortage of resources had left it in a position where it would “almost certainly” risk “fail[ing] effectively to identify or deal with non-compliance, leading to persistent poor quality care for users and reputational damage”.

Royal College of Nursing director of policy Howard Catton said: “We would like an effective regulator with teeth. Given the scope of the CQC’s responsibilities, there are questions about whether it’s sufficiently resourced to do the job.”

My comment: Risk failing? They have failed from the get go. Like all public service watchdogs and ombudsmen they have no power and no resources to do a proper job. No public service watchdog/ombudsman ever had or ever will have any real teeth. That's the last thing the Government want.

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