Thursday, 7 July 2011

When are our elected representatives going to stop all this honourable bullshit?

MPs and council officials in Essex have expressed their disbelief after it emerged that disgraced former peer Lord Hanningfield is still receiving his £11,500 councillor allowance despite being jailed for fiddling his Parliamentary expenses.

The shamed Lord, real name Paul White, 70, was jailed for nine months last week after he was found guilty of illegally claiming £13,379 in parliamentary expenses.

But despite the scandal he has still not resigned his post at Essex County Council.

Councillor Mike Mackrory, Liberal Democrat deputy leader on Essex County Council, said the former Conservative peer should do the 'honourable thing' and step down.

My comment: What a stupid comment, if he was honourable he wouldn't have fiddled his expenses. Message to all elected representatives please stop all this honourable bullshit. Whilst we have so many Councillors and MPs guilty of wrongdoing I don't think the word honourable can be applied to any elected representative. If it could the honourable ones would disavow their colleagues not continue to imply they are in any way honourable.

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