Thursday, 21 July 2011

Suffolk Police, if the cap fits?

A teenager was marched home by police and threatened with a criminal record for theft - over a bicycle dustcap.

Daniel Findon, 15, unscrewed the plastic cap from a friend's bicycle tyre during a 'childish prank' and threw it in a ditch while the pair were playing together in the street near his home in Haverhill, Suffolk.

After a policeman appeared with Daniel on Mrs Chamberlain's doorstep, he interviewed them for half an hour then went back to the victim's home and returned with the bike's second dustcap to show the type which needed replacing.

Mrs Chamberlain and her husband Darren, 40, were given seven days to send a letter of apology and pay for the new dust cap.

The incident is now recorded as a 'solved crime' on Suffolk Constabulary's annual crime statistics.

My comment: Is this what Suffolk Police call a proportionate response.  

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