Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Outrage as Andrea Hill gets £218K Pay off

CONTROVERSIAL town hall boss Andrea Hill, one of the country’s highest-paid council chief executives, yesterday accepted a six-figure payoff.

Mrs Hill’s payout was last night branded “outrageous” by the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which called for full details of the investigation to be published.

In May it emerged she spent more than £405,665 on “gagging orders” in three months to silence staff complaints about her council.

The council added: “Whilst there were undoubtedly claims which, in the current climate, might not represent best use of public money, the committee accepted that there was no dishonesty in the claims made.”

My comment: Two points, firstly there is something seriously wrong when public authority decisions and investigations are shrouded in so much secrecy. The taxpayer has a right to know what they have paid for and why. Secondly, when is the climate ever right for any public servant to gorge themselves on public money. 

Does Suffolk County Council have a mandate to make a hash of things and then use secrecy and taxpayer's money trying to stop the taxpayer finding out what went wrong and why? I don't think so!

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