Saturday, 16 July 2011

MP in four-letter blast at blind man

A Labour whip unleashed a four-letter tirade at a blind man for getting in her way during a fraught exchange in the Houses of Parliament.

Lyn Brown, the burly MP for West Ham, barged into the back of Talksport political editor Sean Dilley, and his golden retriever guide dog, as he was walking in a corridor towards Portcullis House.

Witnesses were shocked to see a clearly stressed Miss Brown bulldoze into the back of Mr Dilley before overtaking him, shouting: 'For ****'s sake, move out of my ******* way.'

The journalist asked her to be more careful as he did not want to crash into his guide dog, Chip.

Miss Brown then sniped back: 'You are such a rude ******* man, you just walked right in front of me.'

One source said a frustrated Mr Dilley then replied: 'I'm blind, you stupid woman.'

He then demanded to know Miss Brown's name, as he could not see who had bumped into him, but Miss Brown replied: 'I am not giving it to you, **** off.'

My comment: The standards of our MPs appear to be dropping by the minute. I hope the electorate in West Ham tell this MP to **** off at the next election :) 

This is the same MP who supposedly campaigned tirelessly for a living wage for all and then tried to recruit an UNPAID member of staff to replace an existing, salaried staff member who was leaving for another job elsewhere. 

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