Friday, 8 July 2011

MP claims 1p for a phone call... and it costs £30 to process

MPs are lodging expenses claims for as little as 1p – but landing taxpayers with a bill of £30 a time to process them, it emerged last night.

A study by the National Audit Office revealed the staggering cost of simply running the new MPs’ expenses regime, which was set up in the wake of the scandal which shamed Parliament.

It disclosed that the average cost of processing a claim was £30 last year, whatever the number of items included in it.

A survey accompanying the report revealed that almost a quarter of MPs want to go back to the old discredited expenses system – with a fifth believing they should not have to submit receipts at all.

My comment: It's clear that some MPs are just trying to bring the new system into disrepute by submitting stupid claims. I just hope the electorate remember those involved at the next election.

Some 85 per cent of MPs complained they didn’t have time to fill out their expenses claims.

My comment: What a pathetic excuse. Some MPs still don't get it do they? I just hope the electorate remember those 85 at the next election. Check out what your MP does have time for here. Mine and many others for example spends hours as parliamentary  advisers to private firms to earn even more money from their position. Time better spent filling in their expense claims?

The NAO said the tough new expenses regime run by the IPSA had begun to restore public confidence.

My comment: It has, now they should reject any claim until the total reaches a sensible level. 

MPs yesterday approved plans to carry out a ‘root and branch’ review of the laws governing expenses by the end of the year.

My comment: We shouldn't allow these money grabbers to have anything to do with the system which was set up to scrutinise their expenses.

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