Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kent County Council and chauffeur driven cars

THE leader of Kent County Council has come under fire from members of his own cabinet over the use of chauffeur-driven cars.

It follows revelations last month Mr Carter has been using council-owned cars to conduct his private business interests in Fulham and Kingston-upon-Thames.

A total of 26 councillors and officers used them last year at a cost of £33,966. Top of the list was council chairman Bill Hayton who came in at £12,235. Next came Mr King who cost £8,500, with Mr Carter third at £6,480.

The costs incurred by each individual member, which have been published for the first time, would have been much higher had petrol and wear and tear to be included.

Mr King "If we were employed privately we would not be able to do it because the maximum 48-hour working week would be broken every week."

My comment: The point Mr King is, that you are not employed privately, you are an elected representative of the people and shouldn't be chauffeured around at the taxpayer's expense to the tune of £8,500 plus petrol and depreciation so you can pretend to be more important than you really are. In the words of Lord Sugar's apprentice program, you're not a big fish, you're not even a fish!

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